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There are only two absolutes in life: death and taxes. While we cannot help with the first, the latter is our business. CK Business Solutions, P.C. prefers to take a proactive vs. reactive approach to tax services. It is our professional duty to keep current on new tax laws and legislation for the benefit of our clients. Tax planning is an essential element of the tax preparation process. By making tax-planning part of your overall business strategy, you can benefit from our firm's experience and knowledge of present tax laws to minimize both your current and future tax liabilities. We provide our individual and business clients with the taxation expertise and knowledge that they deserve throughout the year. Tax services offered include but are not limited to:

  • Federal, state and local tax return preparation
  • Federal, state and local tax planning
  • Assistance with examinations of tax returns before IRS, state or local jurisdictions
  • Tax research, planning and consultation:
    • For business transactions within a company
    • For transactions in the purchase or sale of a business
    • Upon retirement
    • Regarding your estate taxes
    • On location of a business or residence
  • Development of an effective tax minimization strategy

Federal, State and local tax return preparation

Whether it is a federal, state, corporate, or individual return, our expert staff at CK Business Solutions can process your return using the latest technology. You can be assured that we will search for every possible deduction and look for planning opportunities, which will be discussed with you upon completion of your return.

Federal, State and local tax planning

We tailor our research to your goals and act as an extension of management, providing solutions that will enhance the return from operating your business.

Assistance with examinations of tax returns before IRS, state or local jurisdictions

Disputes often arise in positions taken by a taxpayer on various matters. Our firm will assist you before the IRS, state, and local taxing authorities to resolve disputes in an efficient and equitable manner.

Tax research and planning for business transactions within a company

We can evaluate daily business operations and answer questions involving business decisions and transactions so that taxes are minimized and economic benefit is ensured.

Tax research and planning for transactions in the purchase or sale of a business

The purchase or sale of a business or division can produce substantially different economic results, be depending on how the transaction for is structured. We work with our clients in acquiring or selling businesses to provide them with recommendations and options from a tax standpoint as to the alternatives to pursue.

Tax research, planning and consultation upon retirement

Our planners work with clients to make certain that any severance payments upon retirement are properly structured and that the various options with their pension are considered, explained and recommendations made. We can also work with clients still in the workforce to make certain that they are on track to reach their retirement goals.

Tax research and planning regarding estate taxes

Planning one's estate to minimize estate, transfer and inheritance taxes is a continuing process given changes in the law and the client's economic circumstances. We meet with our clients when doing their estate planning on an annual basis to update that plan.

Tax research and planning on location of a business or residence

The physical location of a business can have a dramatic effect on the cost of doing business. Where you choose to reside can also have an impact on your living costs. In both situations, we study the tax laws applicable in particular jurisdictions to provide you with an accurate estimate of costs of location in those jurisdictions.

Planning Services

When you consider tax planning, you generally think of federal income tax planning, which means sitting with your accountant to figure ways to minimize that tax. While this planning is vital, our optional comprehensive service goes beyond the normal tax planning function, to look at the total tax picture for you and your business. This includes reviewing all taxes for which you may be liable, constructing a model of your total federal, state and local obligations including real estate, local income tax, personal and business property taxes and any other taxes for which you or your business may be liable.

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