Strategic Planning Services

Benefits Realized

As a closely-held business on-the-grow, direction, vision and focus are the vehicles that guide you down the path of profitability. The professionals at CK Business Solutions, P.C. team-up to assist businesses in achieving their goals through effective leadership and organizational improvement. We view ourselves as educators, serving as facilitators and catalysts for business improvement. As your partner in business, CK Business Solutions provides the support you need to get started down the right track.

Beyond advisors, we become facilitators to help create an environment conducive to everyone's participation. Through this process, the pressure felt by those closest to the issues (your management team) is alleviated. A greater level of uninhibited communication is achieved when planning participants are put on a more equal plane.

Benefits are realized almost instantaneously. Team building is established through the united sense of purpose among participants. Responsibilities become more clearly defined so performance can be monitored for measured improvement. Resources such as time and money are better accounted for and managed, and the vision for your company's future is shared and worked towards by all.

Services Offered

Identifying Opportunities For Maximum Efficiency

A company's success is measured in terms of volume produced and profits earned. At CK Business Solutions, our experienced productivity improvement consultants can provide Management Control Systems to help you improve your company's productivity and profitability.

By examining all current work processes through our comprehensive operational study, that graphically illustrates — step-by-step — the way your business operates, we can help you see your company's operations from a new perspective. Our experienced professionals can help you reduce or eliminate lost time, rework, errors and poor communication .

Our seasoned consultants have the industry experience, technical skills and extensive knowledge to help you thoroughly examine your current operations and provide the best solutions to achieve maximum productivity and profitability for your company.

Business Plans, Financing Proposals

We have developed a number of Business Plans and Financing Proposals for our clients which have been well-received by private lenders and government agencies. Our plans and proposals focus on a detailed feasibility analysis, realistic budget projections, facility design, staff and management requirements and training, operations and productions plans, information systems, inventory controls, marketing plans and promotional strategies.

Financial Projections, Budgeting, Cash Flows

Developing effective financial strategies can be crucial for success. In many businesses, management may not have the technical knowledge or the time to do its own financial planning or projections. CK Business Solutions, P.C. can provide access to the most current financial and tax information and the necessary skills and experience to prepare cash flow projections, financial projections and realistic budgets for the continued profitability of your business.

Business Valuations

A valuation engagement involves deriving a value for an ownership interest in a company at a given point in time. Business valuations and estimates of value are performed for a variety of reasons including sale of a business, purchase of a business, mergers, dissolution or reorganization of a company, divorce, buy/sell agreements, income taxes, estate planning, to obtain financing and to determine damages.

Handbook and Manual Design and Development

We have prepared a number of handbooks and manuals for our clients. These resources include educational materials, informational or reference materials, computer training handbooks, handbooks for administrative procedures and for financial administration and policy. Our manuals and handbooks are designed for ease of use, readability and relevance to the ultimate user.

Project Implementation

Numerous closely-held businesses such as your own have drawn on the firm's management experience in planning and implementing short and long-term projects. We provide project schedules and tracking, staff training and on-call management services.

Advice to Professionals

Many professionals do not have the time or the experience to manage their personal affairs in today's complicated environment. Changes in government regulations and the complexity of today's organizational structures dictate a need for assistance in addressing difficulties on a wide variety of issues confronting professionals such as: income tax planning and preparation, professional practice organization and record keeping, buy/sell agreements, business valuations, investment counseling, preparation of business and financing plans, budgeting and forecasting and computer implementation and use.

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