Outsourced Financial Services

Outsourced CFO/Controller Services

At CK Business Solutions, P.C., we have developed a program to provide an optimum level of financial management and accounting services while minimizing costs and other issues related to personnel. The approach is simple; instead of hiring a high level individual to process your accounting information, let us act as your Controller and supervise your accounting and management information systems. Depending on your needs, you may either avoid hiring additional staff, or hire less expensive staff for us to supervise.

The benefits of CK Business Solutions acting as your CFO/Controller include:

  • Expertise of proactive professionals with backgrounds in a diversity of industries.
  • Savings on payroll taxes and employee benefits.
  • Access to additional banking relationships.
  • Organizational and employee policy development expertise.
  • Dynamic tax planning, including multi-state tax matters.
  • Calculating payroll tax deposits and returns
  • Having more than just a bookkeeper. A team of CPA's and para-professionals provide you with additional expertise in many areas.
  • A "Big Picture" approach to objectively enhancing your company through long-range strategic planning.
  • Diverse knowledge in accounting system design and computerization.
  • Management reporting systems design.

We can provide services that contribute to your profitability almost immediately and with little orientation and training to your situation. Our services will add value to your company.

Management Advisory Services

Successful people have one thing in common ‑ they understand their own limitations. They know that concentrating time and energy on their area of expertise will produce the highest returns.

At CK Business Solutions we admire and respect the skills our clients bring to their business enterprises. We also stand ready to help our clients maximize profitability by offering our expertise in areas of business management with which our clients may be unfamiliar.

With a wide range of business experience behind us, we can identify problems and offer solutions that are not always apparent to the owner of a business. Because of our objectivity in counseling you and your operation, we can help you make the most of your resources.

We can help you with:

  • Strategic and Financial Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Cash Management
  • Capital Acquisition
  • Information Systems
  • Buy-Sell Decisions
  • Employee Benefit and Compensation Programs
  • Insurance Analysis
  • Valuation of Your Business
  • Investment Decisions
  • Predicting Problems and Facilitating Solutions

Look to the Future

Today's Business world functions in an ever changing environment. We are uniquely qualified to assist you in identifying and meeting the challenges and opportunities this continued change presents to you. Our focus is advocating positive steps to help our clients in every phase of their business.

Improving Business Performance

As companies compete in a tough marketplace, the role of CK Business Solutions as business advisor becomes more essential. In response to our clients' diverse needs, we have developed expertise and strategic alliances with other professionals in such specialized areas as information technology and operational efficiency.

Though you know your business better than anyone else, sometimes it may be difficult for you to see the underlying weaknesses that could prevent it from operating at its highest level of performance. We can assist you in identifying problems caused by your organizational structure. Because of our broad experience with financial and business matters, CK Business Solutions can help you implement practical solutions to improve the efficiency of your business. We may be able to provide you with the objective insight you need to create a solid foundation for your company, or direct you to other professionals who can.

Evaluate Your Present Performance and React

A review of your current business performance can provide you with insight regarding any needed changes. Through interviews, questionnaires and observation, we can gather the data needed to evaluate your present organizational structure objectively.

Restructuring your organization may enable you to operate more effectively. CK Business Solutions, with our requisite knowledge of different types of organizational structures, can help you create innovative changes to enhance the performance of your business.

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