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Does This Deal Make Good Business Sense?

The way a company structures its finances and operations can often have a dramatic effect on the success of a proposed business deal. To minimize any unexpected developments that could occur during a proposed transaction, a due diligence review is crucial.

At CK Business Solutions, P.C., our seasoned professionals have the knowledge and experience necessary to assist buyers, sellers, investors and lenders in organizing and completing due diligence reviews. Whether working as an independent team or joining a client's team of internal resources, our professionals will assess the business risks associated with a prospective deal by conducting a thorough review process that includes:

  • Analyzing historical financial information with a focus on identifying trends, evaluating allowances and reserves and searching for hidden assets or liabilities
  • Assisting you in developing realistic and reasonable assumptions ‑ as if the deal was finalized — to use in preparing performance and projected financial results
  • Conducting on-site interviews to evaluate the strength of the current management team, identifying key employees and processes, and reviewing the financial records. If necessary, we can identify other professionals who can assist in the due diligence review such as employee benefits or environmental consultants
  • Establishing a thorough list of "to do items " prior to the close of the deal to ensure a complete and orderly transition
  • Analyzing transaction structure and pricing to determine if the deal "makes good business sense"
  • Reviewing representations and warranties to determine if they are reasonable, achievable and fair in light of the proposed transaction

The time and investment devoted to conducting a due diligence review often prevents surprises, purchase price disputes and litigation matters. At CK Business Solutions we are here to support your efforts according to your specific needs and provide you with a timely and accurate assessment of your proposed transaction.

Ensuring Value-Added Transactions

In today's business environment, successfully navigating the world of mergers, acquisitions and divestitures can be critical to a company's growth strategy or overall strategic plan. The decision to buy or sell a business is not only complex and confusing, but in many instances can be fraught with pitfalls and emotions. CK Business Solutions, P.C. professionals assist both sellers and buyers of privately-held companies in managing their way through the complexities of acquisitions and divestitures.

From the buyer's perspective, our services begin with the initial acquisition process by providing strategic planning and acquisition program development assistance to ensure that our clients should be considering an acquisition plan in the first place. We assist our clients in every phase of the process, including:

  • Developing the acquisition criteria
  • Searching and screening candidates
  • Evaluating and valuing the target company
  • Providing intermediary and due diligence assistance
  • Structuring and negotiating the transaction
  • Locating Sources of Financing

Our assistance with the process does not end at closing. We also provide post-acquisition integration assistance to ensure any implementation issues or transition problems are minimized.

From the seller's perspective, many of our clients require assistance in the complexities of timing the divestiture, valuing and marketing the company, preparing offering memorandums, finding and qualifying buyers, and negotiating and structuring the transaction. Our tax and estate planning professionals oftentimes become intimately involved in these transactions by providing their expertise during the deal structuring phase of the process. Their experience and knowledge ensures that our clients receive the greatest after-tax value of their divestiture. All these services go well beyond the services that "traditional business brokers" have historically provided.

Whether our services are required on the buy or sell side of the transaction, all work is conducted in the most professional and confidential manner. At CK Business Solutions, our business is to provide you with the highest level of personalized services and expertise to assist you with not only the transaction, but also the complexities that exist beyond the closing. Our merger and acquisitions specialists are committed to working closely with our clients to ensure their transactions add value.

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