Financial Planning Services

At CK Business Solutions, P.C. we offer you all the traditional services of an accounting firm, yet we understand there is so much more that can be done to help you reach your ideal profits and improve your lifestyle.

Compliance Services

Every business owner needs to know where their company currently stands economically. Without accurate accounting data it is impossible for the business owner to have timely and reliable information. We make this possible by taking care of the basic "compliance" necessities of your business.

We realize that taxes are not the bottom line but just one of many pieces of the equation that are involved in building your business. However, by no means do we want you to pay any additional taxes you are not obligated to! That is why we include in our service a year-end tax planning meeting for you and your business. Once the game is over (the close of a tax year) there is nothing we can do to help you save money. Why not plan ahead to keep the most of that to which you are entitled rather than paying the government too much?

The following are our standard compliance services:

  • Financial Statements
  • Business and Personal Income Tax Returns
  • Sales Tax Returns
  • Personal Property Tax Forms
  • Payroll Tax Return Facilitation
  • Year-end Business Tax Planning
  • Year-end Individual Tax Planning

Let our years of experience as well as our unique perspective on business go to work for you.

Management Accounting Services

The business owner must know what is happening in his or her business – in other words, how did the business perform in the prior quarter? In what areas does the business display strengths? The owner needs to understand the business' general strengths and weaknesses and create a plan that emphasizes the company's competitive advantage.

To increase your understanding, we provide you with additional information and analysis to help run your business beyond that of the traditional financial statements. We will look at some general operating efficiencies of your business – providing you with another perspective of your historical performance trends. In addition, we will undertake an annual evaluation of the profit potential of your business, thus establishing benchmarks for measuring performance.

Management Accounting Services include:

  • Compliance Services (as previously listed)
  • Quarterly Business Meetings
  • Annual Business Profit Potential Analysis
  • Business Performance Review- The Business Performance Review will increase your awareness of successes, concerns and opportunities for all areas of your business. This overall "health check" is performed and analyzed on an annual basis and is sure to provide owners and managers with the necessary insight for improvement.

Management Advice Services

Monitoring and understanding Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and financial variables can help you chart your progress toward attaining your goals. Understanding the trends, not just knowing the numbers, can help you effectively run your business.

By measuring and monitoring key variables at regular intervals, our team can help you to more effectively run your business. We can determine which variables are most relevant to your business, provide you with periodic performance reports and essential cash scenario projections, and help you to systematize your business processes. Our techniques are designed to create long-term residual value for your business, as well as meet your short-term cash flow objectives.

Management Advice Services include:

  • Management Accounting Services (as previously listed)
  • Financial and Operations KPI Determination & Monitoring
  • Trend Analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Cash Flow Analysis and Projections
  • Scenario Planning and What-If Analysis
  • Advanced Financial Management Programs

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