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At CK Business Solutions, we have extended the services we offer above and beyond those expected of the average certified public accounting firm.

We are dedicated to maintaining and enhancing our "trademark" services. However, the greatest service we can offer is to be your advisor, not just today but also in planning for the future. You can count on our professionals to look beyond the numbers and see the opportunity, challenges and solutions that lie ahead.

Introducing FAST

In today's hectic business environment, a business owner should be focused on increasing revenue, developing new products and services and leading their organization. Unfortunately, many get bogged down with paying bills, issuing payroll checks, posting accounting records and trying to comply with sales tax law, employment and other government regulations. Our FAST system takes up much of the daily pain away, so the business owner can focus on their business.

  • General ledger and financial statement preparation
  • Bookkeeping (Monthly/Quarterly/Annual)
  • Accounting system setup for new businesses
  • Business tax return preparation (Sales and Use/ Business Property)

Our accounting service is totally adaptable to you. We can accommodate your needs whether on a manual or computerized system. We are proficient in financial reporting software and can help you choose, install, set-up and maintain the program of your choice. After successful software installation, our role changes to that of a business consultant; one who assists in the preparation and analysis of financial statements and recommends the best business strategies and alternatives. Timing is critical and we pride ourselves on fast turnaround when financials are needed for business loans, buyouts, valuations, etc.

Knowledge is power. Applying that knowledge to better understanding your business is key to its success. Because the pulse of your business beats through your accounting system, it makes sense to ensure this system is as efficient and effective as possible. A well-designed system will be simple yet effective, enabling transactions to be controlled and financial information to be accurate without requiring an excessive investment in time or expense. Whether your transactions consist of thirty checks per month or three hundred, we can help you build a system that works with your business. Our goal is to enable you to control your business without your accounting system controlling you.

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